5 Hair Styling Accessories For A Quick Makeover

1 Alia Bhatt Inspired Cinderella Hair Band – Perfect hair accessory when you have to quickly dress up for a party or for a brunch!


CHRONEX Ponytail Hair Bands Holders Elastic Rubber Bands Ties Accessories for Girls/Women- Rs. 249/-


2 DIY Hair Styling KitWear a new hairstyle every day. Contains Part Pizazz for separating your hair into high-fashion parts, Hairagam for creating beautiful buns and unique ponytails in a snap & much more goodies.

Baal Hair Accessories Combo Of 11 Pcs For Women Rs. 229/-


3 Hair Volume PaddingUnhappy with the volume of your hair? Use a hair padding puff maker and give a twist to your look.

Blackbond Pack Of 3 Hair Donuts All 3 Different Sizes With 2 Pcs Black Sponge Hair Clip Volume Bumpit Padding Bun  Rs. 179/-


4  Just Go With Simple Straight HairGrab a Straightener (Bonus: Free Wrinkle Remover) – Get smooth and straight hair with Philips Hair Straightening Brush. Also, get rid of the wrinkles on your face with wrinkles decreaser.

Ozoy Simply Straight 2 In 1 Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush Rs. 359/-


5 French Twist ToolBe it a bun or a ponytail, create a new hair style effortlessly with this easy to use hair equipment.

Homeoculture Set Of 5 Different Hair Accessories French Tool, Magic Puff Small Juda Maker, Juda Curler – Black Rs. 199/-

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