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5 Recipes for Summer for Children ..!

Children may suffer from various diseases during the summer; Or weighing the body can become weak. Therefore, parents should provide the right nourishing foods to protect children from sunlight and diseases during the summer. Do you have any doubts about what foods you can give? Read this article about the foods to be delivered in the summer of 1-3 year old children.

1. Yogurt rice ..

Cakes are suitable for younger ones and adults during the day. Add the vegetables, pomegranate, dry grapes and cashew nuts to the baby in this yogurt rice. It will give your stomach a cool and good nutrient ..!

2. Pumpkin sauce ..!

We will provide food for poultry for kids and cereals! Similarly, add powdered vegetables and fruits, along with pumpkin pieces, add a little powdered flavor and make it as a coconut, add it to the kids like chips and pajji. Whether or not the pulp can be prepared with vegetables and fruits. This is a favorite for children.

3. Spinach rice ..

Prepare the lettuce rice with the cooling spinach and give it to the baby with ghee. It will give you the health of the baby and give them energy. To protect from diseases ..!

4. Chicken soup ..!

Cut the chicken into small pieces, add the vegetable pieces, prepare the tasty soup and give it before eating. It’s a favorite food for kids ..!

5. Ice Cream ..!

Kids love ice cream. Therefore, try to make a healthy way of life at home. It is good to give the fruits of ice cream together. Otherwise, salad with fruit can be served too! These are good for the health of children ..!


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