About Us

Devi Media is a digital Tamil news release covering technology, politics, Tamil Nadu, India, world, video, cinema, medicine, sports and lifestyle.


Our goal is to publish credible news feature articles; Interviews and other bit information can help people understand better. One of the fastest growing mobile / YouTube / web based news with quality content, video, interviews and more.


Our vision is to make digital content readily available. Our editorial vision is to deliver hard news - not speculation and rumors.

Creating a Devi Media website helps to fill the void left by the lack of reliable Tamil news websites. Our first-rate news is provided professionally in the Associated Press style for quick review and analysis.

As mentioned earlier, our editorial vision is to deliver tough news - not speculation and rumors. We are not experts, we are not saying that. We sometimes make mistakes, appreciate corrections or general comments.

If there is anything we can do to help you or anything we would like to hide, do not hesitate to contact our contact page.