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Baby skin care products

The newborn baby skin care is a delicate matter. In the early months, when your baby’s immune system is formed, you should use a small bit of cheap cleanser and lotion. But when dry skin, eczema, and diaper burst appear, it’s time to deal with it. Talk to your pediatrician when you start using those products.

Your newborn siren-free, fragile baby needs skin care products. If you have a newborn in your family, here are some tips before shopping:

  1. Carefully study labels. Skin care products that contain dyes, perfumes and chemicals are a baby’s skin and breathing irritating.
  2. For most babies natural baby skin products are safe. But if you have allergies or asthma in your family, plants and herbs will be sensitive to some of your new plants.
  3. The label “hypoallergenic” is misleading. The meaning of the material means that an allergic reaction is less likely to cause it, but it does not necessarily mean smoother meaning on the skin than other ingredients.
  4. Look for products that are Phthalate and paraben-free. Those chemicals are harmful to children.

You set up the baby’s nursery – or grandparents house corner bedroom – assemble these new skin care products:

1. Baby soaps, washing / cleansers and shampoos: Cleansers and washes are mild and safe for newborns. But newborn skin can dry up, so use baby soaps.

2. Baby lotion: Helps moisturize new skin. Use less on children.

3. Petroleum Jelly: Diaper Explosion Treatment. It provides the baby’s skin with a safe detergent with a damp cloth. You may be asked to apply it to the healing circumcision site.

4. Diaper blasting: Provides skin with a barrier to moisture – Protecting the newborn skin does not irritate a very wet cloth.

5. Baby Oil: This classic skin is used for massage oil and is not a moisturizer. The newborn skin does not absorb it well.

6. Baby Laundry Soap: Look for baby sapphires without perfumes and dyes. The regular skin epidermis is very intense for the new skin. The same applies when choosing dryer sheets.

7. Flour for Kids: If you use a baby powder, try to find the tomato free powders from the baby’s face and genitals. In the powder may cause problems with the toppings or cornstarch respiration. Use less.


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