Best medicine for lip spots

Everyone loves to be beautiful red. The option to be beautiful. But they do not care. Many do not try to do the right treatment for the explosions of the lips. Just lip-dye lips do not look pretty. It is enough to do a simple simple remedy.

Generally, if the drought and the explosion comes on the lip, it will be very painful and it will spoil the facial beauty. Cold, cold, and air are the causes of this explosion. Because lip can not bear anything too much. Some more explosions are caused by some drugs and chemical use of cosmetic substances, and if water is drought in the body, it also occurs with soaps. If there are explosions, blood splash, skin peeling, excessive red color, and touching the nose. So there are a few lively home remedies that are naturally maintained in order to keep the lip properly without such problems. Let’s see what it is.
* Always drink enough water. Thus the body does not cause drought and the lip is well moisturized.

* Apply the butter or ghee on the lips and prevent drought. If there are more explosives, they will be fine.

* The petals of rose should be soaked in green milk for an hour. If you paste it and apply it on the lips, the lip is well pink and does not cause any explosion.

* To remove the dead cells in the lip, you must put the milk cream on the lips before bedtime every night.

If you put cucumber to remove dryness on your lips and massage your lips every day, the drought will get rid of.

* Take the ferment well and sprinkle it and put it on the lips, the bursts of the lips will go away.

* If you put the hammer on the lips, the drought is removed and the lipstick will appear.

* If the bottle of aloe vera is in the lip, the bursting of the lips will be healed.

Therefore, if the lip care is maintained, the lip appears to be inappropriate.

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