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Common health problems in pregnancy

Your body is a great thing during pregnancy. Sometimes changes can cause irritation or discomfort, sometimes you may be worried.

There is no need for bandwidth, but you have to mention anything you care about in your maternity team.

This page provides some of the most common problems. You can find links to other common pregnancy problems at the bottom of this page.
Constipation in pregnancy

Hormonal changes in your body are very early in your pregnancy.
Avoid constipation

Help prevent constipation:

1. Eat foods like bread and cereals, fruit and vegetables, and legumes such as beans and lentils – Healthy Food in Pregnancy
Keeping Your Muscles Strict Regular Exercise – Read More About Exercise in Pregnancy
Drink a lot of water
Avoid iron nutrients, which can be done by constipation – ask your doctor if you can not manage them or change it to another type

Curve in pregnancy

Sudden, sharp pain in the backbone, usually in your calf muscles or feet. Very common at night. No one knows why this happens, but there are some ideas about some of the problems, why it can occur in pregnancy.
Breakdown breakdown

Regular soft exercises in pregnancy, especially ankle and foot movements, can improve your cycle and help prevent tics. Try these foot exercises:

1. Bend and stretch your leg up to 30 feet long
Rotate your foot 8 times a way and 8 times the other way
Repeat the other foot

How to reduce the poison

It usually helps if you pull your toes towards your nose or rinse your muscles.

Feeling faint in pregnancy

Pregnant women often feel unconscious. This is due to hormonal changes. If your brain does not get enough blood, it is faint if there is not enough oxygen.

If you are standing quickly from a chair or a bath, you feel unconscious, but it happens when you lie behind you. 


Here are some tips to help you avoid eating up:

1. Try to get up slowly after sitting or lying down
If you feel dizzy when you stand still, find a chip as soon as possible, faintness will pass – if not,
If you feel dizzy when lying on your back, turn toward your side

Do not put flat on your back during late pregnancy or labor. Avoiding sleeping behind you after 28 years is inevitable.

Learn about:

1.The signs mean that you are going to envy – suddenly the climatic sweat is like, in your ears and fast, deep breathing
Including what to do to help the faintest – treating the drowsiness

Feeling hot in pregnancy

You are likely to feel warmer than regular during pregnancy. This is due to an increase in hormonal changes and skin blood supply. You can still sweat.

This can help you:

1.Wear loose clothes made of natural fibers that are more absorbent and breathe than synthetic fibers
Keep your room cool – you can use a power fan
Wash regularly to help you feel new

Sync in pregnancy

Convocation is a common problem during pregnancy and during pregnancy. Pregnant women can suddenly stop sleeping or a small leak cough, laugh, sneeze, suddenly move or get up from a sitting position.

This may be temporary because hip floor muscles (the surrounding muscles of the bladder) relax a little bit to prepare for the baby’s delivery.

You can learn more about this:

1.Reasons for synchronization
Including hip drills, synchronization will prevent.

When to get help

In many cases, sync is cureable. If you have trouble, talk to your midwife, doctor or health viewer.
Sitting in a lot of pregnancy

Pregnancy is often necessary when the baby is born. Sometimes the baby continues to be born. Then in the pregnancy, the child’s head in your urine will be pressed.
How to reduce semi-essentials

If you find yourself getting up at night, avoid drinking late in the evening. Make sure you have a lot of alcohol and caffeine drinks throughout the day.

After pregnancy, some women are backwards and helps to rock forward when it’s on the toilet. This reduces the pressure of the uterus in the urine, so it can be used properly.

When to get help

If you have any pain during suction or if your blood crosses any blood, you may have urinary tract infection and it will require treatment.

Drink lots of water to reduce your cream and reduce pain. Your GPS location within 24 hours of observation of these symptoms Should contact. Read more about the treatment of symptoms and kidney infections.

Do not take medicines without asking your midwife, doctor or pharmacist.
Skin and hair changes in pregnancy

Hormonal changes in pregnancy can cause your nipples and the surrounding areas are dark. Your skin color is even small, or darker on patches or all.

Births, spies and kidneys are dark. Some women create a dark curve in the middle of their stomachs. These changes are not gradually diminished when the baby is born, but your nipples will be darker.

If you are pregnant, you can easily see the burning. Having a bigger factor sunscreen does not protect your skin and stay in the sun for a long time. Read more about keeping the sun safe.

Hair growth may also increase in pregnancy, and your hair may be soft. After the baby is born, you may seem to have lost a lot of hair, but you’re losing extra pregnant hair.
Varicose veins in pregnancy

Varicose veins are nerves that are swollen. They may be embarrassing but do not harm. They usually affect the foot nerves.

You can get varicose veins in the vaginal openness (Vulva), although this is generally better after birth.

If you have varicose veins, you can:

1.Avoid standing for a long time
Do not let your feet cross
The pressure increases, try not to put too much weight
Sometimes you can sit with your legs as easy as possible
Try the compression tides, which you can buy in most drugs – they can prevent varicose veins but facilitate symptoms
Try more sleeping with your legs than other parts of your body – use pillows under your ankles or put books on your bed’s feet
Do other workouts like foot and swimming, which will help in your cycle

Try these foot exercises:

1.Curve and stretch your foot and bottom 30 times
Rotate your foot 8 times a way and 8 times the other
Repeat the other foot


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