Eat this for a strong heart

Soak the grapes in the foil and put it in a little bit of time and then drain it and make a little bit stronger.

The white lotus flower petals are filled with tissue, mixed with milk, and the heart and the stomach will be added to the stomach.

Is it often happening? You know the quality of the carpets.

Even in the warmth of the day, we can eat and drink it too often.

Rinse the ragi on top of the ragi the copper in it strengthens the heart.

Mix a little coconut ghee on the nettle juice and eat only in the morning. The heart will be stronger and stronger.

With a spoon basil juice, mixed with equal amount of honey will be enough to eat in the morning every morning.

When eating milk during the night, a pinch of the honeycomb will cause the heart to be broken up. No heart disease will come.

A glass of warm water before a night bed, ‘Honey and lemon juice mixed with the heart, weakness of the heart and hemorrhage.


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