How to relieve body heat….

Our body needs to be constantly in the running. Average body temperature is 36.5 – 37.5 degrees Celsius. If the amount of this heat increases or decreases, there will be a problem in our body.

Reasons to increase body temperature:

* Even if you do not drink enough water, the body gets warmed.

* The heat of summer will heat the body. By the sweat the body’s watering will decrease.

* Protein rich foods discharge heat so the body warms up.

* Even digestive disorders increase body heat.

Signs of body warming:

* Irritation of the eyes

* Irritation when urinating

* Aceti

It’s easy to keep your body warm. You can break the body heat by eating. Granny’s remedies have immediate relief without side effects.

* Take a good oil on a spoon and warm it. The oil should be warm and warmed with a layer of garlic and a pepper. Then you need to moisten the oil and put this oil on the big toe of the right and left leg. Exactly two minutes after cleaning the oil. By doing so, body temperature will decrease in a few minutes.

* Fenugreek helps the body warm up. In the early stomach, a small amount of soaked fumigation is taken and put in the mouth and swallowed with water.

* You can drink honey in cold milk.

* Mint, lemon and honey are good for drinking too.

* If you drink water on the old stomach in the morning, you can get warm in the morning.

* The body will be cooled by ingredients such as spinach, cucumber, coconut, cauliflower, yogurt, watermelon and pomegranate. A lot of clean water should be taken and a lot of watery vegetables.


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