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Immune to summer sickness

The nutritious dietary gourmet in India. Since ancient times it has been in India. Later in south China, Indo-China was introduced. It has been introduced in the past centuries and introduced into countries like the West Indies and the United States.
Nutrients in algae

It contains high calcium and phosphorus. Protein, carbohydrates, and a small amount of iron. It contains fiber and mineral products.

Suitable for pregnant women

In moments of pregnancy, mothers can have a boiled moss. Easy digestion. Nutrients go directly to the baby in the womb. Doctors suggest that nutrition and good nutrition are good nourishment for children and adolescents. People with cough disorders can drink boiled water as a soup.

The fever is healed

Chickpeas and small beans can give water to soak the algae. Similarly, cholesterol, malaria and typhoid can be used as a good medicine to cure diseases.

Maybe memory
Warm temperatures will be cured if you have a masculine effect on the cheeks of the heart. It is a good medicine for diseases such as acne and acne. Possibility of burning pulses with rice and cholesterol is healing.

Beauty device
When bathing, dipping the dough instead of a detergent dumplings is beautiful. If you wash your head with cocaine, you will get rid of dandruff.


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