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Important foods that women need for breastfeeding!

It is essential that babies need to breastfeed for at least six months. All nutrients needed for children are available only by breastfeeding. So breastfeeding should be stopped without breastfeeding. The doctor should only stop breastfeeding in the name of the advice. Otherwise, it is wrong to stop breastfeeding for any reason.

Some women stop breastfeeding, thinking that their beauty will decrease. But this is a completely wrong idea. By doing so, the child’s health will be affected. No food can be given to a mother’s milk.

Breastfeeding is not just a child’s benefit. Breastfeeding is also good for mother’s health. Yes, breastfeeding makes women get rid of breast cancer.
Some women have a problem with breastfeeding. They do not have enough milk for their baby. This is all because of the nutritional deficit. You can adjust it very simple way. It is enough to eat foods that are very rich in breastfeeding at home! Here you will find about the types of foods that can help the breast milk.

1. Fenugreek
The fence is not the best for women. Fennel women’s menstrual problem is the first milk secretion problem that helps everything.
Add the fennel into milk and mix it with a little sugar and drink as a pajamas, if breastfeeding increases. Furthermore, breastfeeding can be obtained from rice flour along with rice.

2. Beryl fruit
There is a lot of iron in the bark. 100 grams are 0.90 milligrams of iron. It helps to increase blood. It contains vitamin A, antioxidant and potassium.
Breastfeeding increases breastfeeding if the baby is born before and after birth. The child also grows well. Breastfeeding can be great if you eat fruit before and after baby’s birth.

3. Betel
We do not know much about the benefits of victory. This success has more medicinal properties. Breastfeeding can be found in breast feeding these bonuses

4. Bitter gourd

There are two types of bark, horn bark, and pumpkin. Although the taste is bitter, there are numerous medicinal properties in this piece. If breastfeeding is done in the breasts and breastfeeding, then breastfeeding will cause a lot of secretion.
And if you add bitter gourd in the diet, it is a lot of sicknesses. You can eat bitter gourd. It is best for people with diabetes.

5. Alam paste:
If the alum falls, and the amount of aluminum is brewed in milk, breastfeeding for breastfeeding women is more productive.

6. Close juice
If you drink nectar with honey juice, breast milk will increase. This will remove blood flow and increase blood. It helps to remove the cervical disorders. This can also be helpful in removing the stomach ulcers.

7. Nuts!
It is best to eat almonds and almonds. Almonds, Walnuts and Peanuts have improved the health of nursing women. It provides high levels of nutrients, protein and calcium.

8. Ceylon
In order to increase breast milk, you need to eat millets, fenugreek seeds and cumin seeds.

9. Garlic
Adding to the excess food in boiling may increase the secretion of the breast. If the soup is made with garlic, it will be fine if you drink it.

10. Rigging
Rinse the rhizomes of the rhizomes and drink it. Including the sprouting powder will add milk powder.

11. Paul
Milk contains more nutrients. Women who have breastfeeding have 5 or 6 cups of milk every day for breastfeeding.

12. Paul Shark
If you’re a vegetarian, you can add milk to the sea milk with milk.

13. Garlic spinach
The pepper contains the most iron. Breastfeeding will increase if you add the spinach to your diet regularly.

14. Leaf for jaggery
If breastfeeding is lying on the chest and breastfeeding, breastfeeding is more likely. This leaf is available in rural areas.

15. Coil leaf
Breastfeeding will increase if you eat the coat leaf with white garlic in the morning and eat it every morning. Coimbatore and rural areas are increasingly available. This flag is also spread on the moles.

16. Passion

Drinking the drumstick off the water with the drumstick will be increased by breastfeeding. If you eat milk and milk with milk and milk, the mother’s milk will sprout too.
fresh garlic isolated on white

17. Garlic Milk
If you drink tea in the milk every night, breastfeeding increases and stomach bloating, nothing will come. Boond has the ability to remove the dirt in the pregnancy.

18. Papaya
Papaya has been used for milk secretions in ancient times. Milk powder increases by eating papaya juice or as a whole.

19. Oats
If you love oatmeal porridge, eat oats to increase breast milk. Oats fat is one less. This is good for breastfeeding not just for breastfeeding but also for health.

20. Greens
You need to have a good place for lettuce in your diet. Greens play an important role in boosting breast milk. So keep your greens in your diet without forgetting it.

21. Carrots
There are more nutrients in carrots. Breast milk can increase your carotene by eating green or soup or soup.

22. Murugan
Like Murugan’s cheeks, there is an increase in breast milk. It helps to boost immunity. It also helps to maintain the nervous system.

23. Water and juice
Water and juice varieties will increase moisture in your body. Increases the amount of water needed by the body. This leads to blood flow. It is helpful for milk secretion.

24. Brown Rice Brown Rice
Breastfeeding helps to increase secretion. This stimulates the hormone for breastfeeding and increases the secretion of the breast. You can cook brown rice and eat it with nutritious vegetables.

25. Egg
The egg contains a lot of nutrients, vitamin A, vitamin B2, B12, omega-3, calcium, phosphorus, and minerals. It gives the baby the desired protein. The egg increases the quality of the breast milk and not only the level of breast milk. If you eat the egg, your baby will have allergies, such as vomiting, dizziness, discomfort, stroke problem, and vomiting.


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