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Jaundice – symptom & treatment modes

The jaundice is not a thing. The symptom is only a symptom. If you find the jaundice in the early stage and get the appropriate treatment, you may be healed. When the red blood cells are destroyed in the spleen, the color of bilirubin (Spleen) is produced in the body. By bleeding through the blood, bilirubin is excreted through the gallbladder, urinating in the urine. If the liver is infected or the secretion of the gastrointestinal tract, the waste of the bilirubin remains in the body. That is why the yellow color occurs in the body. Alcohol consumption and hepatitis are also caused by jaundice in the liver.


One of the “jaundice” vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, pain on the right side of the stomach, arthritis, aging, fever, and thrombosis are nine different symptoms.

Yellow in the white color of the eye and at the bottom of the tongue. The body is also thinner.

The jaundice is a bracket of jaggery and a blind eye. Patients suffering from pancreatic disorders (A, B, C, D, G, E) are caused by alcohol bacteria (typhoid fever), parasites, malaria, and pharmaceuticals, alcohol consumption in pancreatitis, biliary tract stones, and python tuberculosis.

When we consume a diet rich in fat, the liver conceals bile in order to digest it. This water pump is through the tube. The bone can be blocked by the stone and cancers. In the event of blockage, the bile is absorbed in the liver and combines with blood. This causes jaundice. This is known as shutter jam.

A variety of viruses, such as A, B, C, D, E, G, can cause jaundice. Malaria fever, typhoid fever may occur, but the liver may suffer from jaundice. Alcohol can be jaundiced by drinking alcohol.

Treatment patterns for both brackets and blindness are different. Pain in the stomach and high fever is a symptom of septic inflammation. Both radiation can be distinguished by blood test and scan. Generally people think that the size of bilirubin is only in blood. This is wrong. In addition to bilirubin levels, the liver has the ability to work. Is Liver Function Test Gßà ?? Other blood tests, such as the amount of protein, the size of the enzymes, should be performed.

Ultra sound scan can be detected and treated precisely by stones and tumors in the piston. Unhealthy medicine is not known for any kind of jaundice, but it is not the effect that the treatment comes from the hospital.

It is possible to cure bronchitis via endoscopy or surgery. Surgery was needed before repairing the gastrointestinal tract. But with the endoscopy in today’s sophisticated scientific development, ERCP, a sophisticated treatment system, can be taken out without a stone operation.

If the cancer occurs in the gastrointestinal tract, the stenoth can be replaced by an endoscope by removing tissue contamination inside the gastrointestinal tract and minimizing jaundice.

Treatment methods

Liver compression (CIRRHOSIS) may be caused by a bloodstream in the esophagus and a dangerous condition. A few years ago, the Rathvanty had to be operated on the stomach and treated. Thus, there was a lot of risk for life threatening. But modern medical therapies provide advanced treatments such as Banding, Sclero theoraphy, and Glue injection to stop the vomiting by the endoscopy. Rasvanti can also occur with frequent consumption of headache pills such as aspirin. They can be cured by endoscopy.

How does it spread?

The jaundice caused by viral A and E is spread by contaminated water and faco-oral route. This risk will also be caused by sewage water drinking and drinking water contaminated.

Let’s see how Virus B, C, D and G are spreading from one person to another.

1. In many cases, when using a needle for many, 2. Abnormal injuries can be done to those who are infected with the blood from the mother and the infected person with the blood of the infected person. The ‘B’ virus is very dangerous. Hepatitis B is a biomarker. It can cause symptoms of liver compression diseases. The entire disease will also have anemia, calories, and stomach swelling. In the advanced stage, rheumatism and cancer are also coming.

Preventive action

Food control is essential for people with jaundice. What kind of jaundice is there? What is the condition of liver disease? You must follow the appropriate diet.

Infants with hepatitis should eat substances that are rich in mushrooms, protein and low fat diet. Avoiding meat dishes is very good. Add salt and weight to the size. Eat more greens and lettuce. Hepatitis A and B-+ V can be vaccinated by vaccine. `D ‘virus will not be affected by the injection of` B’. But there is no C and E-fj vaccine.

If the ‘B’ virus is hit, you have to put three injections for up to 6 months.

The ‘A’ virus should be injected for 6 months.

If the vaccine does not take place at appropriate intervals, there is no benefit.

The viruses spread through the blood are `B ‘and’ C ‘. So it is important to make sure that there is no such thing as blood transfusions.


To include:
Small onion, buttermilk, bay leaf, banana, mandant bananas, white pumpkin, watermelon, pomegranate, cucumber.
To avoid:
Non-vegetarian foods, oil, ghee, karma.
1. Ariyalaiyalaiyarai, kotapakkal, flood of milk, to take a jaunda.
2. The castor leaves the lower leaves, the lemon juice and the jaundice in the morning.
3. Cosmetic cheesecake.Colicy size 2 hours, 200 ml. To get rid of jerk jayalalai.
4. Lower leafy vegetables, lemon juice, 250 ml of moron, jaundice, diabetes healing.
5. Vilva Leaves 1 teaspoon, juniper chilli 1 teaspoon mixed in the morning to get the jaundice to eat.

6. Annapethechanduram 200 mg and 1 g of 5,10 ml of honey.
7. The tailrace of the leafy leaves will be controlled by the jaundice.
8. To cure the cataracts, the jaundice will be healed.
9. 200 ml of sugarcane juice can be administered in the morning.
10. Pannavarai with leaf slurry, nails and wounds in the jaalalai will give a jaundice.

11. The jaundice will be healed in the stomach of the tree.

12. The honey gourd grinds down and grows 3 days in the buffet of buffet in the morning.

13. Add the sugar syrup to the mushroom leafy coconut and eat the jam.
14. Groundnut leaves and roots in both grate and millet and healing

15. Half a teaspoon of coconut water is heated to drink

16. Arunella leaves half the size of a small goose millet

17. Pouring the honey and flour in the molasses

18. The size of the leaf sheet is taken by adding two drops of water to half a bowl and mixing sugar and drinking jam.

Take 30 ml of Wilwa leaf juice and pepper powder and sugar

20. Sprinkle the sprout and mature leaf and add half a bowl of salt and half a cup of tea

21. Nelli’s disappearance, turmeric, mint powder and half a cup of tea,

22. 15 mL with sugarcane juice, sugar is added to the gum

23. A teaspoon of watermelon powder ished half an hour of water and soaked in jars for one hour.

24. In the morning, the leaf and the honey sprinkle in half and in the morning three and a half, the size of the lemon, then the powder is half a cup of tea

25. A juice of brinjal is a good morning shower

26. Soak the coconut extracts, add 4 grams of powdered sugar, 2 grams of sugar and 2 g of pumpkin powder,

27. Take 15 g of peppermint juice and mix the yellow powder leg with coconut

28. Pineapple juice is well squeezed with juice and 30 ml of almond gum is healing

29. Add lemon juice with 30 ml of sugar and heat the gum

30. Ten grams of neem cake are crushed, two of which are in the water,

31. Gooseberry is 50 grams of sugar, 50 grams of jaggery and one week for breakfast and a jaundice to get wet.

Save it before

It is necessary to prevent jaundice. Drink well and drink drained water. Lubricate drinking water in outdoors and local travels. Flee out on the street and the goods that are sold on the street. Keep your nails and hands clean. Clean your hands after cleaning the stools. The salad is used as a salad. Are the vegetables cleaned well? It is good to know. Follow the above instructions. The jaundice can be traced to you.


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