Kanchana 3 Movie Review – Tamil

Raghava Lawrence is considered the pioneer of Tamil comedy comedy films. His Muni-2: Kanjana Dorling, Arranmani, Thillukku Thudu, has set the mark for many horror comedy films. But, like Kanchana, we will see a film set in the same films. It was a successful victory in 2015, but now how is it now after 4 years?

Kanchana 3 starts at a dynamic pace and begins with a power note. Roga Lawrence has set a scene with Kabir Singh Tuhan in the first 15 minutes of the film. Soori spray is a little joke, it works somewhat.

Kanchana 3 has many scenarios that remind you of what Raghava Lawrence did in previous films, but somehow the movie’s characters seem to be memorable when recollecting horror scenes. Sarah remembers a scary temple that Raghava Lawrence traveled to her hips and remembered that there were ghosts in previous films. Kanchana Sarala, Shriman and Devadarshini have been offered anticipated from Kanjana classics, and Kanchana fans will not disappoint their comedy sequences. When logical holes are ignored in a commercial entertainment, it is very difficult to keep your brain in a box.

The first part is harmed because the comedy and horror templates are interconnected by each other, having a gaping gap, but after that, the map is going down fast and there is no punch required for commercial elements. Raghava Lawrence Dance Disorders are not in the world, but the songs are not very appropriate. Our hero can see a soft inspiring scene before the climax that fights against 100 people, but suddenly, the picture goes faster and hundred falls. It should be set to climax fight, but when the system arrives, there is no pay.

Three heroes have done only one job in the film of Portrait, Vedicika and Nikki Tamboli. All three were ignored, and there was no more role than the return of Rahu. If Raghava goes to the hip or they go to Raghava’s hip, what are they doing in the whole movie? Delhi Ganesh will show her performance as much as possible. However, he seems to be in a role that is not too depth.

Raghava (who is the writer and director) tried to penetrate some jokes in family members, and only after a point is repeatedly forced. The relationship between them is less, so we can not understand what is happening. The only way to see family relationships when seeing someone at home is to shout at the top of their voices and hunt to hear what the whole family is doing. This knife takes places almost every day and night.

Horror areas are filled with scares of jump and loud screams. If your heart is someone who wants to get out of your mouth, it works. But for those who are depressed, their eyes will be closed when the demon comes in the scene and the scenes are still scary. This is due to the sound effects used.

Another prediction prediction with Kanchana 3. It is usually an isolated bungalow, and it is a ghost. The demons say they are a flashback to the members of the house so they are sympathetic to him, and the protagonist’s body is allowed to enter the right revenge for the misery and misery. Short kanjana 3 is the only one that has been created by the previous horror-comedy films, but the owners of the owners do not complain too much. Critics do not appreciate it, but the scenes in the first half do not complain about general viewers and horror fans about Kanchana-3.


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