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Kodaikanal is one of the most popular hill stations in South India. The climate is pleasant throughout the year. It is situated at an altitude of 2133 meters above sea level.

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We walked out of the summer through the road, and my research on the net was 7.5 to 8 hours. But eventually it took 10 hours! The lesson I learned is not to believe that everything is unparalleled. It takes 1.5 hours from the entrance to the hills in the summer.

Kodai will reach

Kodaikanal and Salim-Dharmapuri-Dindigul route are just 490 kilometers away from Bangalore. There is a distortion in Madurai highway. Trains on Kodai road (all of which have been recorded 3 months earlier), take a bus or taxi (1.5 hours) to reach the summer. For the people who want to fly, the airport near Madurai is 128 km. Is at a distance.

Stay in the summer

There are many hotels in the summer. But the famous Kodai resort, Sivapriya, Villa ritrate are not 10-15 days before. We settled in a new hotel called Silver Springs, which turned out to be a real gem (the hotel’s review of the hotel posted separately). There are lots of rooms in hotels, so if you walk without a booking you can get rooms, but the quality is not reliable!

About Kodai

Kodaikanal is a hill range of a hill country and is similar to all the hills near the lake. This city is in a mountain. Wherever you go, the green and the mountains adapt to you. The biggest attraction in Kodaikanal is the weather. The temperature does not rise above 20-25 degrees. We visited Kodai at the top of the summer. It absorbs heat in the towns below the mountains. But at the time of entering the summer, it was like going into heaven. It rains rainy rains! Everywhere is closed and it makes a strange treat.

Another interesting note is that most hotels in the summer do not have fan or AC – because of the cold weather. Summer nights were really cool and you even have sweaters! Even if the sun is burning in the sky, you still enjoy the cool air – the real sky! You see the sun in the sky, the next minute and the mist – you do not miss a wonderful experience.

We eat out

There are a variety of options to eat in the summer. Hotel Astoria and Sivapriya are popular. But our choice was at Annapurna’s 7 Roads Junction, which provided excellent breakfast and South Indian food.

Another small restaurant that served the North Indian food was near the Rusaiai bus stand. Razai and the next restaurant Punjabi Ghar Punjabi woman run. The restaurant offers delicious and casual northern Indian food. All of the chaptas, teaphas, lashes and side meals are delicious and not too expensive.

You’ll find healthy snacks like roasted corn and boiled groundnuts, carrots, mambos, etc. in places where you can see even in other places like Peetler Corner, Hotel Woodlands, etc. Carrots and plums are available in the summer and in many places and are fresh and delicious.

Buying items at the store

You can buy sweaters, jerkins and a lot of things around the lake. But the main shopping area is close to 7 road junctions and bus stand. Chocolate made home with a key shopping attraction home. Spices like Eucalyptus oil, cinnamon and cloves are sold everywhere. Coffee and tea are other shopping places.

To do

The main thing to do in the summer. There are so many things to see, I write another review in the summer view. Lake, Kokers Walk, Bryant Park, Top Lake View, Moyar View, Suicide Point, Pillars Rock, Bear Sola Waterfall, Silver Cassette Falls, Gun Caves (Devil’s Kitchen), Observation etc.

You can spend quality time near the lake, except for places to visit. There are parks surrounding the lake, where you can relax and play with children. In the skating area, there are other places near the lake where adults and children can try their hand in riding. There is a 3D cinema show, book fair and other attraction.

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