Kusturi Yellow mask of facial expression

Nearby, we are looking for easy herbal remedies, shopkeepers, and a safe side without a safe side with food items in the home box. In this way, you can find the medicine that benefits the larynx pain, the absence of stomach ulcers and the headache, the benefits of kasturi turmeric. Kasturi is able to destroy the yellow bacteria.

The smell is fine. Inspire internal organs. Strengthens the body. Leaves the skin. Prevents unwanted endings in the body. Kurturi can use the turmeric shells to heal the ulcer and prepare the diarrhea. Ingredients: Kasturi yellow, yogurt. Method: Take 2 spoon yoghurt. Along with this, the spoon mugs are added to the yellow powder and ate in the morning and evening.

Adjust the erosion in the intestine by the acidic nature. Purify the blood and release the germs in the intestine. Drugs are white. Stretching blood flow. Toxins do not fit in the body. Immune. Gastrointestinal turmeric can be used to prepare the hairpin. Ingredients: Kusturi yellow, lime. Method: Pour a little kasturi yellow powder and add a little lime.

When you mix this mixture on the forehead, head and necklace will be better. If you add too much lime, the skin will get irritated. So add less. Musculoskeletal can be used for muscle and elastic drugs using kasturi turmeric. Ingredients: gingerbread, musk yellow. Method: Wash the cylinder in a bowl. In this case, mix the turmeric powder. Overwhelming muscle pain, arthritis and inflammation can be improved.

This is pain relief. The swollen swelling may be improved. Ingredients: Kusturi yellow, potato powder, rose petals, milk. Method: Ginger powder with powdered turmeric powder, grated rose petals, a little milk. This is a great mix of masks once a week, and the spots on the face disappear. Pimples, wrinkles, dry skin. The face gets brighter.

It prevents the hair from growing on the face. You can find simple medicine to heal ulcers in the mouth. Ingredients: Acidic, Goodwill. Method: Crush the anhydride and get it in good gas. It is a stomach and a stomach to eat in a spoonful morning on an empty stomach. In the stomach the ulcer is caused by the ulcer. This is a miraculous medicine.


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