Melon – medicinal properties

The melon has a good taste and taste, which can keep the body warm, irritating the urine and cure diarrhea. It contains so many nutrients. It contains vitamin A, iron and potassium. Mineral is too much.

Not only can prevent diseases but also provide freshness to the body. In the summer, the fruit is very high.

This can be prepared by drinking a water bottle. Grind the flesh of the sprout and mix it together with the marshmallow.

Children love it and eat it. Milk shake can be made using thistle fruit. Add the sprinkle of the seeds, add a little bit of marshmallow, peel milk and add a little saffron. This milk shake can be taken during breakfast.

This causes the tiredness of the day. Urine will prevent irritation. It is a very good food. If pregnant women take it, the baby’s health will improve. The child’s spine, brain development will be better.

You can prepare a diarrhea drink that can be used to heat the utensils with cheap fruit. Seeds are removed from the bowl, spoon pepper powder, 2 pinch pepper powder, mixed pangkal mango and evening meal and stomach pain and diarrhea. Heals the diseases caused by the sun. Seed bait is a medication.

Drinking urine can be made from urine. Boil the cumin seeds with the flesh and seeds of thistle. Drying it out gives you the coolness of the body and gives you the excitement. This is a urine amplifier which prevents urination.

Pruning fruit reduces the heat of internal organs. Leather treatments can be healed by using an outlet. The seed of the plum fruit is irritating the urine. Release the pests in the stomach. Tart fruit is safe for pregnant women. It’s a hot summer meal.

  1. It contains nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate, lime, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium, copper, sulfur, chlorine, vitamins “A”, “B”, “C” and axalic acid.2. You can eat the flesh of mixed fruit. You can also eat honey and sugar. Juice and mix with milk and drink as “milk scre”.3. Hemorrhage is healed to get the fruit. Constipation Irritation of the ureter, water discharge.

    4. Remove the indigestion and cause the appetite to taste.

    5. Vitamins contain “A”, “B” and “C” minerals that can cause immunity and have liver disorders.

    6. Remove the bulk totally. Simple natural medicine for skin disease.

    7. The honey is accompanied by this gastric juice. It has the power to increase eye sight.

    8. Strengthens the body. The body of the fruit will be cooled to get drunk and drink.

    9. Preserve summer sickness.


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