Natural ways to get rid of the lips!

The key to their lip in exposing one’s beauty but in today’s time it is rare to see the red lipstick that is natural. For many, the lips are tender, torn and dark. Most of the sun’s influence, such as caffeine and smoker, is the cause. This makes women lipsticks to the lips when they make up their beauty. So let’s know what to do to enhance the beauty of the red color of lips.

* Cut the beetroot and put it in the fridge, and then cool down, take the beetroot pieces and massage the lips for 2 minutes and then wash off after 20 minutes. If you do the same daily, dark on the lips will soon disappear.

* If the juice of the pomegranate fruit is on the lips, the lips are beautiful.

* Do not moisturize the lip often if the lip is dry. A little moisture on the lips will go away. The bacteria in the vein can cause ulcers on the lips.

* If you take the juice of coriander leaves and apply it on the lips before going to bed every day, lip red.

* Lipoplasmic lesions tend to shrink aging. Feed it from the outside. It is better to apply the vase to lips.

* Before lemon juice, add a little sugar and sugar in it, apply it on the lips and gently scrub it off for 10 minutes, then wash off in cold water.

* To eat nutritious food. You have to drink a lot of water.

* If half a teaspoon of coconut oil is added to the nutmeg powder and rubbing on the lips, the lips will be shining brightly.

* Apply the gelatin gel before lying down at night and squeeze it all night and wash it in hot water the next morning. If you do the same daily, you get dark red color for the lipstick.

* Smooth lip red: Take a spoon of cream. If you have 5 drops of gooseberry juice and smoke on the lips every day, the lip of the lip will disappear.

* If the ghee or butter is applied over daily lips, the dry lip gloss can be changed.

* Apply half a spoon of orange juice on your lips. If you do this, your lips will be red.


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