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Perinatal and Intrauterine ​​Stroke

Genital stroke is a stroke before birth. When a child is on the side of the fetus, anxiety and uncertainty will be the greatest of expectant parents. In recent years, scientific research on prevention and treatment moves forward, improving the ability to diagnose stroke for a baby before birth.

Interporn stroke

There is no explicit symptom of stroke related to pregnancy, so it is important for mothers to have good parental care and to take emergency care for health problems such as shock, fever and seizures.

Some pregnant babies are more likely to have a stroke than the average before birth. Most babies born with a stroke before their birth were born to mothers with blood clot conditions. The blood vessel or bleeding problem is suspected when many blood tests are used in these bleeding disorders.

Treatment of blood clotting during pregnancy requires a complex decision making process. Similarly, the management of a stroke that affects the child before birth is not straightforward. Sometimes drugs can help improve the effect, and in other situations, the medical program primarily relates to closer monitoring. What are the effects of children? A stroke before the birth of a child is damaging to the baby’s mature brain. Since only a stroke detection has appeared recently before birth, there have been many occasions in the past where unrecognized or untreated embryo stroke.

Various potential effects can result from a fertilization stroke, and may range from mild complications to more noticeable flaws. Some children who have a stroke before they are born can experience seizures or cerebral palsy. When others show behavior or learning problems, there may be a weakness in the body, such as a hand or foot.

The effect depends on many factors, including the part of the brain, the stroke, and the growth of the developing child. Studies have shown that many children with a stroke before birth can have significant neurological problems.What can you do? If you have a problem with bleeding or bleeding, when your doctor starts to consider your pregnancy or you are pregnant, It is important to notify you. If you have been repeatedly infected with miscarriages or caused by blood tumors, you need to work with your health team to determine whether your blood sugar or bleeding is a problem you do not know.

A few risk factors can increase the risk of internal swelling. Cocaine, and maternal appetite for recreational drugs such as severe maternal bleeding or trauma.

Take care of your baby

If you are pregnant during your pregnancy or if your baby is born, you know that he may have a stroke, you should make sure that you are a good kidney doctor and a pediatric neurologist for your child. The initial neurological assessment will help to prepare a diagnosis, help solve problems, answer questions, and create a valuable program.

Maintaining a neurological assessment of the neurological development of the child should be maintained. Early treatment for improving good balance and motor skills can also be improved to restore emotional and learning skills. Early assessment of vision, speech, and inquiry enables proper measures to help offset a disability defect. Medications for seizures, such as seizures, help to prevent injury, which can help in promoting better seizure control over the long term.

One word from the most

If your child is reported to have a heart attack, your child will get medical care for your child. Children born with all kinds of children earn more than they or their parents imagined, who have more children than in children in the past to have children.

Your baby’s health

Expectant mothers have plenty of their shelves. Most scary scenes can also know how to handle and recognize.


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