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Pregnancy Dietary Diet

Pregnancy is the most important time in women’s lives. At this time women have many changes in body and mind. Pregnancy is the most tense period for women.

It is common for women to have multiple doubts about pregnancy during pregnancy.
Therefore, women should take appropriate advice and eat healthy foods. Their diet is the source of the baby’s health.

Nutrients required

Nutritional demand for women during pregnancy increases. It is customary to say that women are eating for two at this time. that is truth. The two are none other than the mother and the eldest child in his womb.

A piece of Thai eating idli is not directly available to the baby. Instead, the nutraceuticals in the mother’s diet are available through the umbilical cord via the blood.

The nutrients that come from the mother to the development and maintenance of the muscle, bone, nerve tissues, and organs like heart lungs are helpful.

So it is not surprising if the mother normally meets a meal in a meal. But mother should never forget that the child who is nourished for the whole nursing mother fully trusts. Therefore, in the course of pregnancy, the mother must first understand her intention to eat for her child too.
Women should have more than 350 calories daily in pregnancy. In normal days, women need 1 grams of protein for their weight.

But in the first three months of pregnancy, daily supplementation should be added in the diet of 0.5 g protein and 6.9 grams protein for the next three months. In the last three months, add 22.7 grams of protein.

Preparations needed for small amounts of nutrients such as vitamin and mineral supplements are essential for pregnant women. Importantly, iron and folic acid are very essential.

Folic acid helps children to grow and increase body weight. Iron nutrition is required for the production of red blood cells in the baby’s body.

Children in the womb absorb and absorb iron from the mother’s body. Because of this, the baby that is born will have enough iron intake for six months.

So mothers should take into consideration the needs of the baby and at least 35 grams of iron per day should be included in the diet.

Today, 55 percent of women in India are suffering from anemia due to iron deficiency. This is not just the development of the baby but the health of the mother.

So folic acid and iron nutrition are the most important nutrients for pregnant women. That is why pregnant women are offering the pills of these two nutrients when they go to the doctor.

Apart from that, vitamin A, C, T and B vitamins are essential. Mothers need to add calcium in the diet for children’s bone growth. It can also be used to increase the calcium intake in the mother’s milk after birth. Iodine is also needed for the development of children’s brain.

What foods can you eat?

Many women are more likely to eat more foods for pregnant women. That’s wrong. Women should carefully monitor the weight of the body during pregnancy. Women should not be more or less weighing than weigh in pregnancy.

Women with average weight can weigh 10 to 16 kilograms. From 1 to 1.5 kg in the first three months, weighing up to 5 to 7 kg in the next three months. In the last three months we can increase the weight by 2 to 3 kg.
Obesity women can increase weight from 7 to 11 kg during pregnancy. Women weigh about 12 to 18 kilograms during pregnancy.

Garbin women should continue to observe weight. Diet can be restricted to the doctor’s advice if the weight is too high or does not increase properly. It is good to eat the food at least three times without eating it.


Women should eat good, healthy, healthy nutrients during pregnancy. All kinds of foods can be eaten by cereals, nuts, crops, vegetable, fruits, greens, milk, yogurt, butter, ghee, cashews, dried grapes, peanut butter, eggs, fish, goat, poultry meat and goat.

It is good to eat especially the iron-rich drumstick spinach, watermelon, dried raisins, dried slag, jaggery, pumpkin, almonds, and sheep liver.
To increase calcium, add yoghurt, ragi, curry leaves, marigold spinach, fish, cassia etc. in the diet.
Additionally, doctors have to eat nutrients and donkeys.

It is better to eat less papaya, pineapple, lemon juice, etc. Let’s eat well ripe papaya.

Women should drink lots of water during pregnancy. Drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water. Constipation is common in pregnancy. Therefore, it is necessary to add more fermented foods such as vegetable, fruits and cereals.
Especially when women are overwhelmed by masculinity, it is easy to eat a small amount of digestible food. Many will vomit up to eight months. Women do not need to be afraid of it. At that time, you should not miss eating the necessary food. Eat water and juice to compensate for loss of excess vomiting.

To avoid

Women should avoid certain foods during pregnancy. Most pregnant women do not have coffee and coffee. Blood pressure may change during pregnancy. You can change the amount of salt if the doctor needs advice. Do not let the salt have to be reduced or ignored as there is blood boiling. It’s very dangerous.

Usually human beings need salt. If women avoid salt in pregnancy, it will affect women’s health and child development. Women’s arms increase in inflammation. The nervous system will be affected. So need attention.

Women should not smoke during pregnancy. It is good for women with alcohol abuse and smoking. Do not touch it any time later. Because they affect not only women but also the child’s health.

It is dangerous for pregnant even if anyone in the home has a smoking habit. So do not allow anyone to smoke at home.

Do not eat items that sell stores, packets, juices, etc. Only foods prepared in a healthy environment should be eaten. It is good to cook and eat essential dishes at home.

In pregnancy women are suddenly eager and frustrated for some foods. Be careful not to eat anything unhealthy.

Diabetes, malnutrition and pregnancy are more likely to cause complications during pregnancy, but doctors and nutrition experts should follow the dietary requirements at the time.

Do not buy any medicines self without the doctor’s advice.


Millions of women below the poverty line in India do not get extra care during pregnancy.

The nutrients available in the fetus are essential for the baby’s health. But most women in India have been affected by blood pressure.

Studies have shown that many women in India eat only the average amount of food during pregnancy. Some people do not get it. So the nutritional deficiencies caused by the mother and the serum are severely affected.
More and more women have a hard working way to relax. Many do not end up eating properly. So many women have a risk of irritation.
Today, millions of women live in unhealthy conditions and there are various infections during pregnancy. Many women are suffering from proper medical care.

There are many problems with women’s ignorance. There are some rumors about food in our country. It can be a big problem because of that. For instance, many girls avoid eating a meal because they believe that it is good to have nothing to eat after having a vomit during the muscle.

Today in India there is a horrific practice of killing and killing girls in India. In this situation, the question of the importance of society to the health of Indian women is a question.

That is why the state governments have been able to implement various schemes to improve the health of women, but they do not get the full benefit.

Today, in India, at least 34 children die in 1000. More than 5 mothers die in an hour. Although the rate is less than last year, the distance we have crossed is very high.


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  1. pregnant women need to ensure that their diet provides enough energy and nutrients for the baby to grow and develop properly. For a healthy pregnancy, the mother’s diet needs to be nutritious and balanced. This involves the right balance of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and consuming a wide variety of plants like fruits, and vegetables. So they should aware that which foods to eat during pregnancy. For most pregnant women calorie consumption just goes up a few hundred calories a day.
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