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Simple tips to protect the uterus!

The ovary gives the hormones needed for the body’s physical strength. What are the problems faced by those who have removed their uterus? How to preserve the uterus?

One egg is released from the casket bag until the menstrual periods are from women. It will develop with the sperm.

It develops in the womb and the baby is born. Many people think that the odor and the womb are just a baby.

Estrogen hormone produced in women’s ovum pocket gives the woman’s nature and nutrients. Strengthens the bones.

Yeastro-jane secretions are high in the egg shell until the menstruation occurs. Then it will slowly decrease. The average age for women is 51 years.

Women are subjected to various trauma when taking the womb before menstruation occurs. Excessive sweating during sleeping nighttime sleepiness often attacks angry bouts of morbidity and physical pain.

The infection occurs in the bladder. The problem of sexual intercourse. Troubles, including bone depression and spine breaks.

Women have to face such problems when they take the uterus before the age of 45. Some people think that if the ovary leaves the egg, it can prevent them from coming to the fetus because of the inevitable.

But in a few years of ovulation, ovulation will not work. These menopausous symptoms have a hormone replayment therapy treatment. But it can cause serious reactions.

Blood clotting in the blood vessels leads to problems such as breast cancer. So it’s better to take care than to take up the uterus.

Safety Method:

Do not remove the uterus by causing excessive rash and white tissue pain.

You can follow alternative ways of addressing such issues. Tumor is too large to have a tendency to switch to cancer Can be removed only by menopause due to lack of control over the drug. Do not remove the uterus in the imagination that you can build later.

In modern medicine there are many treatments in laparoscopy to remove the ovum without infecting the ovaries and the uterus. Menopause problems are accessible to appropriate pregnancy experts.

Whatever the ovarian surgery, there will be some problems. A small test of how can a cancer of the uterus can occur?

Women who have sexual intercourse between the ages of 24 to 64 will have to be tested for three or three times a year. It is necessary to preserve the uterus and egg shell as much as possible.


Sheep Liver Soup: Take the lamb of the lamb and cut the powder. Take a teaspoon of small onion 10 peel and peppermint juice and turmeric powder.

Large onion – half tomatoes 1 curry leaves and coriander powder. Pumpkin pepper and pepper.

Pour rice diluted in a cooker, add liver powder and grind powdered onions and grind it in half. Add the turmeric powder to 10 minutes, then add the pepper powder curry leaves. There is enough iron in it. Women can drink this once a week.

Banana Carrot Kuruma: Banana half cup of carrot gallon onion 4 tomato 4 lemon bay leaf cloves cardamom spinach leaf green chilly peel spoon half a teaspoon.

Leave it on the skillet and wash off the sesame bark cloves. Then add the ginger garlic paste. Add small onion tomatoes and grind it separately.

Cut the carrots into a large amount of water from the vanni. Add the necessary salt and sprinkle it. Add the turmeric salt peel spice. Add tomato onion gravy paste and boil.

Finally pour the banana and get a boil. Coriander leaves can be exchanged.

Noodles Cutlade: Take the necessary noodles and keep it fast. Take the carrot beans green peas at half an hour.

Roll the potatoes alone and keep them warm. Ginger garlic paste. Boil the boiled noodles with the potatoes.

Rub the butter and add it. Maida should get the bread powder. Fry the mixture into the favorite form first and then fried in the maida and then fry the bread and then add a little bit of oil in the sausage and keep the redness on either side.


Often Abortion High Delivery During High Delivery Ovarian Disease Diabetes Reduced Bleeding Obesity Hypothyroidism is more likely to cause uterine problems.

Women can also come for reasons of inheritance. The amount of sugar in the blood must be checked and kept in control.

Maintaining the weight of the heights is a daily walk-through diet that can save the uterus by changing the way of life.

Fatty foods should be consumed. Iron nutrients are essential. Slice the salt. Souvenirs Processed foods Sweet varieties Ice cream Lactating foods should avoid tuber species.

Rice should be lowered. One cup of food should be kept with two cups of vegetable.

Let it be a spinach. Sprouting and fenugreek seeds should be added at least twice a week.

Those who take the uterus can take only one meal of 1200 calories a day. Because women who weigh the uterus will increase the weight.

Fruits need to eat more fruits instead of rice. It is also necessary to have a clean chain that will not be infected in the gastrointestinal tract, says Food Advisor Sangita.

Grandma’s Remedies

If the cucumber is mixed in milk and drinking milk, problems related to urine will be solved.

Add salt and garlic to the salad with salt.

Take the same amount of black sesame cabbage that you do not have on the menstrual occasion and cut the onion sheet.

In menstrual periods, menstruation occurs twice a day for two or three times a spoon.

If the vintage tree’s skin is soaked in the yolk, the white spot is healed.

If the banana juice is taken off and drinking it in the bathroom, the white spot is a good quality.

Dry sprouting in the spinach juice is a great way to get rid of the diabetes mellitus every two grams daily.

If you eat two grams of powdered lambang patta every day, your bleeding will be high during menstrual period.

Powdery mildew can be taken up to 200 grams of powder and if you eat twice a day at five grams every morning,

The uterus will be strengthened if the drumstick is often added to the diet.


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