Suruli Falls

Suruli Falls is situated in the Western Ghats in the Kompai valley of Theni district. Thousands of tourists come from many places in Tamil Nadu, including Madurai, Trichy, Tanjore, Dindigul and Coimbatore.

In the summer season, Suri Falls, a popular tourist destination in Theni district, is crowded with people. Suruli Falls is a part of the forest area of ​​Meghamalai. This area is controlled by the Forest Department. Tourists coming to Suruli Falls can visit the Forest Department’s checkpoints only by paying a fee.

Through this, forest officials are also looking for an income by tourists. People in the Valley of Pampa have been struggling to make sure that the Forest Department does not charge fees for tourists coming here already. Even so, the forest department is looking for revenue from tourists.

Travelers coming to the Kaloor stream also have bus services from the pole. From the forest checkpoint to walk through the forest for a short distance. The beauty of the Suri Mountain will surprise us on the way to the falls on both sides and the birds sitting on it.

The use of plastic materials, soap and sauces is prohibited here. After the bathing, the forest department advises to leave the clothes on the ground.


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