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The main symptoms of birth of a baby boy!

Man’s civilization has changed completely. Especially in the food we eat is mixing a variety of chemicals. The result is lack of libido. Many families suffer from childlessness. So it is best to be happy, even if the baby is a male child, even if it is a baby.

Some people, however, have a desire to have a baby boy. In such cases, a wife or family in their spouse will be very curious to know that she is a baby or girl in her stomach.

When a woman is pregnant, her little water is dark yellow and she means carrying a baby boy.

The breasts of pregnant women are bigger. That is because the breasts are great for the baby to feed the nutrients needed. If the right breast is larger than the left breast, you are going to give birth to a male child.

If the foot leg is more stiff and more cool, the male child will be born.

If a woman who is pregnant wants to sleep on the left, the girl is more likely to have a baby boy.

If the hair growth is high and faster when the woman is pregnant, the woman is more likely to get a male child.
We all know that if a woman is usually pregnant the body will increase! If your body weight is spread in all parts of the body, you mean that you are pregnant with the womb.

This means that if you have too much flesh in your stomach, your baby will be pregnant.


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