The younger the oil to turn black

In today’s age, the hair begins to gray. This is because our eating habits and lifestyle are the most important reason. Today’s generations feed on fried foods, refrigerated foods and processed foods.

Reasons for the Youth?

1. Vitamin B12 deficiency or wrong diet

2. Nutrients do not get enough of the nutrients available to the hair due to stress. So the hair quickly grows gray.

3. Thyroid glands are inadequate.

4. Problems in pituitary glands

5. Hydrogen peroxide in color dyes, hair bleaching substances, shampoo and conditioners can harm your hair.

6. There are young people who have hair in their youth because of their lineage.

5 ways to get rid of the younger

1. Gooseberry

* It is also good to go on diet with the gooseberry.
* 4 or 5 ghee grind on the head and squeeze for 15 to 20 minutes.
* Pour the dried nettle and mix it with coconut oil and strain it and stir it.

2. Curry powder

* To be included in daily diet should be included in the diet.
* Everyday in the stomach, a handle can boil the curve and drink it.
* Grind the curry leaves and rub the coconut oil and rub on the head.

3. Henna

* Grind the henna and take it in a cup.
* Add 2 spoon lemon juice, 2 spoon coconut oil and 1 cup yogurt and mix it all night.
* Soak the head in the morning and soak for about 2 or 3 hours. Then the head should bathe.

 4. Lemon juice

* Mix lemon juice and coconut oil or almond oil and massage well on the head.
* Soak for 1 hour and then wash off the head.
* If you continue doing this, you will get good results.

5. Green vegetables and greens

* It is good to eat the strawberries daily. This will turn black hair.
* If you add milk to your diet regularly, your hair will fall. The hair will remove the hair. Iron is very high in iron and lime.
* If you add lots of green vegetables and fruits, it will prevent the younger folks and keep the hair beautiful and healthy.

Other steps:

The younger will soon disappear to powder the velvet powder and mix it with coconut oil every d ay.

Take 2 teaspoon ghee and shake the juice for 3 months.


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