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What amount of food can you give your baby?

The suspicion of how much the baby can eat can be a question that all the mothers are suspecting. Time to respond to their suspicions …
The American Academy of Pediatrics says that a child aged between the ages of 3 years is more than 40 calories per day, depending on their height.
But food for children is their choice. If we can calculate the amount of calories in the foods they eat, it’s definitely hard.

I’ve given a table about how much a baby will eat
Maybe do not worry if your child refuses to eat. It’s good if you can follow it properly …
How much can you give your child to eat?

Every child has different characteristics. Keep in mind that their choice of food varies with eating …
How much food can you give your child? (Table)
Foods Daily

Cereals are 3 to 4 times
Vegetables are 2 to 3 times
Fruits 3 to 4 times
Dairy products are 4 to 5 times
Protein foods 2 times

How much time can you give me a meal?

The food given once will vary depending on their activity. If we give them 4 out of 4 of the food we eat …
1. How much should be the amount of grain once given?

Take one time to feed the following:

Pulses or rice – from the cup to the first half of the cup
Whole wheat bread – a slice
Wheat or rice-based porridge – from the cup to the first half of the cup
Bread / parrot / pancake – one small size
Dosa / Idli – one small size

2. How many times do you have vegetables in giving?

Once the vegetables are given:

2 to 3 tablespoon boiled vegetables can be served rice and roasted. Or age table size to a table spoon …

3. How much fruit should be given once?

The fruits once given are:

One or half of the fruit can be cooked in steam or steamed.
Juice can give you a quarter cup of fruit …

4. What is the quantity of milk products that are once per serving?

Once a milk-based substance is:

Half cup milk or half cup yogurt
Cheese Inch Cube
Banana 50 grams

5. How much should be the amount of protein food once given?

One time protein diet can be given in any form …

20 to 30 grams of meat
One thirty
4 to 5 tablespoons boiled lentils or chopped rice …

You do not have to follow this unless you have a specific guide. Consider only if the nutrients you give are filled with the foods you give. All foods should be eaten by the child. More nutritious foods can be given 2 to 3 times a day …

Stop feeding your child’s stomach. Do not wait for the TV watching or forcibly. This will change your baby’s habit …

If you think your child wants to eat well, you should know everything.


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