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Will the child be upset by constipation problem?

Will the child be upset by constipation problem? Here are some tips …

Many people are suffering from constipation problem. This problem is something that can happen to all ages.

Such a problem can occur occasionally for some, many will be long. Even if this problem occurs in children, so they cannot see the embarrassment.

Because they are at their disadvantage. Constipation for children is different than the constipation of adults. Children cannot do treatment for adults.

Furthermore, this problem is not due to the lack of proper hemorrhagic or inferior to children, and it can cause them to be discharged by children.

In addition, giving food that they have seen, changing the food from breastfeeding and water discharge is a reason.

Therefore, it is best to do natural therapy rather than go to the doctor to get rid of constipation problem. Well, what kind of natural remedies help young children to get rid of constipation?

Orange juice

Orange juice is best to fix the constipation of children.

Of vasl

Some kids are stunted and do not know how to get rid of them.

Hence, if you do so, you can get rid of the stomach and then wax a little while to get rid of the stools.

Pear juice

Mix 20 ml of pear juice with 130 ml of water and give it to the children.

Baking soda and warm water

Pour warm water into a wide loaf, add a little baking soda and put it in the water for 10 minutes.

If you do this twice a day, you can relieve the child from constipation.

Carrot and water

To get immediate relief for constipation problem, the kerosene can be dissolved soon after the kerosene is added to the baby and given to the baby.

Fruits with skin

When giving fruits to kids, you should give them the skin. The fiber on the skin will cause constipation problem.

Dried prunes juice

Milk bottle pouring three-quarters of water into the milk, mixing it with a dry dried prunes juice and giving it to the children, the constipation problem will disappear.

Apple juice

When children have problems with constipation, some apple juice will give some children the constipation problem.


If you give too much water to the children, the problem of constipation will be corrected.


The papaya naturally contains laxatives, which gives it to children, constipation.

Belly massage

To correct the problem of constipation and reduce the problem of constipation, you must massage the baby in the stomach for a short time.

To keep the baby’s feet and do their feet just like cycling, the constipation will naturally go away.

Bitter leaf

If you take the juice of the hips and give it to the kids, the constipation will soon be removed.


Beautiful red fruit also has the ingredient, so it will give the children the constipation problem.

Powdered powder

In a drinking water for a child, a pinch may be added to the pulp, but it can prevent constipation.


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