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Women’s bone strengthens foods

Adding calcium rich foods to daily diet can reduce tearness problems in the back bone.

Everyday add a glass of milk and yoghurt in the diet.

Soy beans, oranges, cucumber and almonds should be included in the diet. Moreover, it is better to add cheese as often as possible.

It’s good to go in the middle of the day at midday.

Increasing body weight by taking more food than physical labor. Due to the heavy drinks of coffee and tea, calcium in the body decreases. The soft drinks are harmful to calcium.

Fast foods and crumbs sold in the pocket are responsible for bone deterioration.

Bone detergent for women should not only exercise, but also focus on food. To strengthen the bone, calcium is required for protein. Therefore, protein and calcium intake should be eaten.

Calcium and protein are rich in milk, cheese, milk, spinach, vegetables, fish, eggs, poultry, ragi, ragi, chilli, pulses, almonds and apples, oranges and bananas. Some of these should be included in the daily diet.

Menopause comes with women over 40 years old. Calcium deficiency occurs during that period. That is why arthritis and back pain problems come. At that time, foods like calcium, fish, shrimp, eggs and soy beans should be added.

Only the bone deprivation can be solved if you change the food, exercise and lifestyle!


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